Respire is a process based experiential art installation on the border of space, sculpture and cinema. It embodies a transforming architectural space as a breathing entity: transient as fluid it evolves from one state to the next.

Undulating wind cycles animate the size and motion of a narrow reflecting tunnel like a lung that fills itself with air. Slowly expanding and contracting, it opens up and closes its audience in. Captured participants are being moved around and are captivated by a kaleidoscopic display of wind patterns vividly modulating reflections of light coming in from both ends of the tunnel.

A fascination for the way in which –defined boundaries of- space affects us, be it physically, physiologically or psychologically started this project. By shaping a perceptual environment constantly changing form and size over time, goal of the work is to activate, affect and negotiate with the audience.

Respire, or breathing, symbolises the interwoven relationship between the external world of physical processes and the subjective processes with which we process those stimuli into a personal experience. The tunnel serves as a metaphor for the way in which we translate, interpret and project onto our surroundings and the feelings that arise as we experience the world.

Its conception was part of Nieuwe Koek, a group exhibition which I co-organized. The 10 day exhibition (31 May - 8 June) was held in the former cattle-food production site CeHaVe in Veghel, Netherlands.

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